A Day with Kokopelli

This Native American Flute music CD follows a day with Kokopelli. Most of the songs are based on traditional Native American tunes. The CD is good for easy listening and for meditation. 1. Night Music—J Pelley 2. Zuni Sunrise Song—Traditional Zuni 3. Kokopelli’s Wandering Song—Traditional and J Pelley 4. Wind in a Desert Canyon—J Pelley 5. Kokopelli’s Wandering Song (reprise) 6. Forest Song—Traditional Ojibwe 7. Kokopelli’s Wandering Song (reprise) 8. Wind in the Pines—Traditional Flathead 9. Down the Stream—Traditional Miwok and J Pelley 10. The Lake Sheen (in the Sunlight)—Traditional Ojibwe 11. Kokopelli’s Wandering Song (reprise) 12. Kiowa Love Song—Traditional Kiowa 13. Sioux Spirit Dance Song—Traditional Souix 14. Farewell to the Warriors—Traditional Ojibwe 15. Zuni Sunset Song—Traditional Zuni 16. Lullaby—Traditional Passamaquoddy 17. Night Music—J Pelley Kokopelli, the hump back flute player, dates back to the Anazasi people of the Southwest. Hopi, Zuni, and many other Native tribes have adopted him, because of his impish nature and charitable deeds. He spreads his seed among the people and the land: bringing joy to both young and old, restoring vitality to the land, and ensuring a good harvest. He is pictured hunched over with his bag of seed on his back and playing the love flute. The CD follows a story line, even though every track can stand on it own. Enjoy a day in the life of Kokopelli, waking up at sunrise from a night of sleep. He visits the desert, the forest green and paddles down the stream to a large lake. He enters a village, spreading love with his music. Everyone dances with joy. Then they settle down after sunset with a lullaby, and drift off to sleep. John Pelley has been playing the Native American Flute for four years. He began while working with the Ojibwe in Grand Portage, MN. While there he has amassed a collection of Native American music suitable for the Native Flute. The best compliment he received was from a native, who said that he plays like an Ojibwe. The Pelley family history shows Native American heritage from South Carolina area. Although not full-blooded, his heart beats to the music and his soul reaches out to The Great Spirit.

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