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John and Maggie Pelley         3500 Orkney St                       San Antonio, TX 78223 904/502-8979      

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John and Maggie Pelley are Geriatric Gypsies.  Both of us are retired from the rat race of working.  We are full-time RVers, who ran away from home.  We began our travels on the East Coast and, like the migrating birds, seek the warmth of the seasons.  No more shoveling snow in Chicago.  We have discovered volunteering with the National Park System.  During our travels we have found that each town has a story to tell: some are more interesting than others. Both of us enjoy good listening music as we go. John has a CD he has recorded of Native American flure music.  We have learned that RVing has a learning curve.  We want to pass on some advice the help others avoid this trecherous curve.  Life is an adventure.  We are living it to the utmost.


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